The Team

Rishi Univesco
Rishi Harani
Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Rishi is experienced with International Business & Corporate Law, with 7 years of experience in the world of Investment & Finance. This experience ranges in a variety of industries such as; FMCG & Capital Markets. Rishi's experience & energetic attitude motivates the team at Univesco to constantly seek methods to excel in providing “Globalized Consultancy for Global Clients”.

Sandhya Lakhani
Senior Partner | Insurance & Financial Consultant

She is a business professional with working experience of more than 5 years in the financial sector (Insurance and Financial Consultancy). Further, she has the variety of experience in financial research, risk management along with client’s management.

Ashish Garg
Chief Financial Officer

Ashish's 15 years of experience make him an asset at Univesco; his experience ranges from a variety of industries such as; Finance, Banking & Wealth Managment. Moreover, he has been providing Investment Options to our clients since inception. Ashish is currently based in Delhi, leading Univesco India (Univesco Ltd.) & manages our South Asia's Clients.

Gary Hendry
Head of Asset Management

Gary has over 15 years of experience of Senior Level Management & Financial Accounting in a variety of industries such as Oil Services, Banking, Government Sector Industries. Gary’s knowledge blends a perfect combination of experience along with youth culture of Univesco. Gary's quick consultation & recommendation makes him an asset at Univesco.

Yosua Febris
Chief Investment Officer

Yosua has over 10 years of experience as a Finance Professional & Investment Consultant. His expertise in global equities & fixed income markets allows Univesco to provide an excellent investment platform to its global clients. Yosua currently manages our clients for the South Asian market.

Dishant Rathi
Head of Research & Engineering

With 5 years of experience in the Fintech world, Dishant’s energy & enthusiasm assist greatly while focusing on Data Analytics & Visualization to render Data Science as a result & is highly experienced in Python Development with Frameworks. Dishant focuses on IT Development at Univesco.

Celia Xue (薛丽慧)
Sales & Marketing Head

Celia has 5 years of sales & marketing experience in the industry sector prior to joining Univesco. Celia is currently based in Shanghai overseeing sales & marketing operations for all of the offices of Univesco.

Vishvam Amin
Head of Design | Chief Design Officer

Vishvam’s 3 years of Digital Design Experience & Marketing Strategies makes him an asset at Univesco overlooking our social media aspect of the business. Further, Vishvam’s Data Analysis skills provides solution for Univesco’s Research & Engineering Department.

Vandana Baria
Head of Human Resource

With just over 2 years of experience in the field of HR, Vandana brings a youth appeal to Univesco. Furthermore she is highly trained in technical languages such as; Java, Python & Development Frameworks – OODO & Django. This diverse experience and skills set allows Univesco to explore avenues which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. She is also responsible for recruiting our talent, setting up company policies and maintaining updated employee records.

Vineet Harani
Sr. Accountant

Vineet brought freshness to the team as he came onto our graduate programme. Vineet has shown passion & dedication & has been working extremely hard since joining. Vineet is based in London, currently monitoring the Accounts Department at Univesco.

Kay Xue (薛耀凯)
Operations Manager

Kay brought freshness to the team as he came onto our graduate programme. Kay has shown passion & dedication & has been working extremely hard since joining. Kay is based in Shanghai, currently monitoring the operational process at Univesco.


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